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What is an Opportunity Culture?

An Opportunity Culture extends the reach of excellent teachers and their teams to more students, for more pay, within recurring budgets. 
Teachers lead the way

Each Vance County Opportunity Culture school has created a team of teachers and school leaders to design Opportunity Culture models around their individual school needs. 

More students are reached with excellent teaching

Excellent teachers reach more students directly or by leading teaching teams. Good teachers get the support they need to deliver excellent instruction to students consistently. 

Protected, school-day planning and collaboration time

Through creative scheduling, teams have protected, in-school time to collaborate, plan, and improve instruction.

Accountability matches responsibilities. 

Teachers can focus on their best subjects and roles with more students, with accountability matching what they take on. 

Large, permanent pay supplements

Opportunity Culture pay stipends are funded through reallocation of current school budgets - ensuring sustainability.  

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teaching, leading, learning.

What Could You Do in an Opportunity Culture? (2019)
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imagine yourself in an opportunity culture


“It’s something that I wish every school and every teacher, and every student could experience.  ”

— Casey Jackson,

 Aycock MCL

Vance County Schools is committed to providing all students with the best possible educational experience from excellent teachers and teacher teams. We value teachers and commit to paying teachers more who extend their reach and positively impact student learning and will provide protected time and clarity for planning, collaboration, and development of all staff.



high quality, embedded professional development.

Vance County Schools provides intensive summer training facilitated by Public Impact and guest facilitators from Opportunity Culture schools. Additionally, the district provides professional development throughout the school year, including sessions on specific topics related to each role, as well as monthly meetings with the district to discuss successes and challenges in the roles.


A strong peer network.

Vance County Schools is a place where educators learn from one another to create and cultivate rigorous and challenging educational environments. Teachers in Opportunity Culture roles and on Opportunity Culture teams benefit from protected time to collaborate, share resources, and improve teacher practice. 


unparalleled support.

Great support is a hallmark of Opportunity Culture schools. Multi-classroom leaders get intensive training before the school year begins in how to lead their teams, and all Opportunity Culture staff get on-the-job training and development, and scheduled, dedicated collaborative time for planning, coaching, and support.

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