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why vance county schools?

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At Vance County Schools, we're committed to to providing all students with the best possible educational experience from excellent teachers and teacher teams. We're looking for excellent educators with the belief that all students can learn to help provide all Vance County students with an excellent education!

Are you a great teacher who’s ready to take the next step in your career—without leaving the students you love? Apply today for our Opportunity Culture positions! This is your chance to share your excellent teaching with more students, and lead and support other teachers to excellence—for more pay, and with more support and time for planning and collaboration! Learn more about Vance County's Opportunity Culture positions below: 

Vance County Schools Opportunity Culture Positions

Multi-Classroom Leader



The Multi-Classroom Leader (MCL) leads teams of teachers to meet the school's standards of excellence. The MCL establishes each team member’s roles and goals at least annually, determines how students spend time and organizes teaching roles to fit each teacher’s strengths, content knowledge, and professional development goals. In most cases, the MCL also continues to teach students directly.

Expanded Impact Teacher



The Expanded Impact Teacher (EIT) plans and delivers in-person instruction for more students. Students rotate between face-to-face learning with the EIT and learning supervised by a Reach Associate. The EIT is responsible for planning, preparing, and delivering instruction, and monitoring student progress to determine instructional needs. The EIT collaborates with others working with the same students or subjects, such as other teachers and Reach Associates, to review student progress and change instruction to ensure high-progress, enriched learning for every student. The EIT may work on a team led by a Multi-Classroom Leader.

Reach Associate 



The Reach Associate (RA) takes responsibility for the noninstructional duties of one or more teachers, as designated by each teacher. The RA works closely with MCLs, EITs, and other teachers to coordinate various administrative duties and assist with some instructional tasks.  The RA also manages procedures and supervises student behavior during transitions, lunch, recess, assemblies, and other unstructured activities, and while teacher(s) deliver instruction. 

Vance County Schools leadership pipeline

Multi-Classroom Leader III

$13,000 Salary Differential 

Leads 6 - 8 Teachers 

Multi-Classroom Leader II

$10,000 Salary Differential 

Leads 4 - 5 teachers

Multi-Classroom Leader I

$7,000 Salary Differential 

Leads 2 - 3 teachers

Expanded Impact Teacher III

$9,000 Salary Differential 

Reaches 66% more students

Expanded Impact Teacher II

$7,000 Salary Differential 

Reaches 50% more students 

Expanded Impact Teacher I

$5,000 Salary Differential 

Reaches 33% more students

Reach Associate

$1,500 Salary Differential 

Assists on MCL and EIT teams

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