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EIT Application Requirements 

  • Resume

    • Please ensure your resume reflects any relevant work or experiences in the following categories

      • Instructional excellence

      • Problem solving 

      • Teamwork

  • Letter of Interest (One page maximum)

    • Candidates should describe why they are applying for their selected role and what they hope to contribute to Opportunity Culture in VCS. Candidates may also expand on any relevant work or leadership experience that they believe will contribute to their success as Opportunity Culture teachers.

  • Summary of high-growth data and narrative explanation (Submit as a PDF, not to exceed 8 pages total)

    • Candidates must provide data to support at least one year of high student growth. Muliple years of high student growth is preferred. This data can include EVAAS™ or any other data used by out-of-state school districts. In addition to providing student growth data, candidates should include a narrative explanation for each year of data and a visual display of data with clear labels and titles. For candidates who are unable to provide data, please provide a written explanation and supplemental evidence where possible. Below are additional data submission guidelines. Please note that candidates are not limited to the list below:

    • Candidates should include the following information in their data narrative if available:

      • Name

      • School, subject, and grades for data sets included

      • Time frame for data sets included (e.g. 2017-18 school year)

      • Origin of data sets included (e.g. End-of-Grade or End-of-Course exams, proficiency exams, teacher created assessments)

      • Baseline data by which you are demonstrating student success

      • A description of specific contributions to data outcomes

    • See additional data submission guidelines below:





  • Two most recent summative evaluation rubrics from NCEES (North Carolina teachers) or the equivalent

    • Candidates should submit a copy of their two most recent summative evaluations completed by their immediate supervisor in their most present position.

  • Leadership Narrative (Two pages maximum)

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